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Getting to know...

Richard Fedion


Gold Medalist Richard Fedion (right) congratulates Carl Pegels on his Silver Medal at the National Championships in Ohio.

Many of us are passionate about something in our lives whether it be our careers, families or hobbies.  However, I have yet to meet anyone as passionate about a community project as Richard Fedion.  As most of the Mount Washington Valley surely knows, Richard is continuously trying to garner funds for a community track.  He and  his wife Joanne have just returned from Ohio where Richard once again won the Gold Medal, his third.  Let me share with you, excerpts from a letter I received from Joanne (who signed this letter as Richard's Coach/Handler/Wife/Friend):

"We have returned from Ohio with another gold medal - this is our third year for this National Championship Race for the track.  It was a great time spent with other ultra runners who respect your age, efforts, accomplishments and dedication to running." Joanne goes on to say: "Since Becoming a Miler Richard has won three 24-hour National races, one 100K National race and five New England 50-mile races, one Silver and one Bronze for the 24-hour National Championship Race. - these are his ultra records only." 

Yes, Richard, is extremely dedicated to his sport, and to the much needed Community Track.  If you would like to honor his efforts by donating to his cause please do so in the form of check or money order to:

Community Track Fund
79 Merril Drive
North Conway, NH  03860-5536